What can you worry about finding at BRUISES  THE GIN? Oh, how about enlightening interviews with celebrities, writers, artists and anyone with an interesting take on moving through this shared condition we call being human. Compelling, quirky, hopefully a little perverted and always thought-provoking, BRUISES THE GIN is like the old “Merv Griffin Show,” but without the band––and the dead host.

Whether it’s a question and answer chat with a fave author of ours, or a conversation with an old movie star who you thought was long dead (Jane Russell just missed that boat), or a serious essay about how to cope with bi-polar bosses (haven’t we all had our fair share?), or gossip heard ‘round the studio commissaries in H’wood, BRUISES THE GIN is determined to tell you something that you didn’t know you wanted to know, or in some cases, wish you hadn’t been told (yes, that is a full hair piece that William Shatner wears. Yawn.)!

From time to time, readers of BRUISES THE GIN will also have opportunities to win fab (sur)prizes. We’re not promising first class accommodations at the Dubai Hilton, but how ‘bout a galley of a soon-to-be published book or a movie poster or a sample of some cool product that doesn’t come with warnings about erections lasting more than four hours. Fun stuff that you may not even know exists.

Of course when we discover an amazing new artist, author, movie, play, cast album, restaurant, etc. you’ll be the first to know. We tend to shove fabu down the throats of those who don’t pay attention!



  1. Great blog. Thanks

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